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Beyond The Somme 2


 The Young Sons of Erin   {By Willie Drennan. Lyrics from Somme CD}



The mothers of Erin all felt the great pain

For the young sons of Erin who died in great vain.

They all wondered why it all had to be

They said it was Erin that  needed be free.

The fathers of Erin wondered where it went all wrong

For the young sons of Erin, so brave and so strong.

They all wondered why, the mother and her daughter

Why Erin’s young sons went off to the slaughter.

You say it was for the wrong country and for the wrong cause

The sad sacrifice was Erin’s great loss.

You say Erin’s young sons should have all stayed home

And never gone near Gallipoli or the Somme.

Shipped off to war on some far foreign shore

Alongside sons of Britain they fought at the fore.

Alongside sons of England they breathed their last breath

Alongside sons of Ulster they died the same death.

But it was for our country and for the same cause

You shared our sacrifice and shared our great loss.

And Ulster must remember the deeds that were done

They fought right beside us Erin’s young sons.

From 1914 to 1918

Let’s remember what happened the Orange and the Green

It was for the same freedom, they bore the same cross

You may see it different but it’s all the same loss.



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