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Welcome to the Braid Brodcasting Cooperation's first production: celebrating the 262nd birthday of the immortal bard, Rabbie Burns.


The Braid Brodcasting Cooperation offers a combination of broadcast, video, film, and blogs.  It's neither really radio nor really TV.

 It's not real radio but perhaps, a bit like the old wireless used to be, it's definitely not TV or reality TV - but then   television was a 20th century thing anyway. Wasn't it?


 It aims to promote cooperation and collaboration between alternatively-minded, free-thinking freelance creative artists and grassroot entrepreneurs who cooperate, collaborate, and share with each other whenever they have a reason to do so – whenever the notion is upon them.


Each BBC brodcast will have a strong musical component - live music as well as recorded music – and this is one way in which these brodcasts will differ from your average podcasts.


 Another significant difference from normal podcasts is that these brodcasts will just be hosted directly from my website and not by the global corporations who usually do the hosting.

So, these brodcasts will only be available to a select chosen few. If you are listening to this, consider yourself one of the chosen few.


This BBC is to be confused with any other outfits whose initials happen to be also. BBC - such as the Ballymena Borough Council - but now fortunately Ballymena has amalgamated with Carrickfergus and Larne to form the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council - so at least that BBC will not be trying to sue us for stealing their initials.


There will be various themes and lots of guest musicians and very interesting charcters with interesting perspectives on life that you will not easily come across on normal mainstream TV or normal MS radio.


 The 2nd brodacst will be available very soon and will still be on the theme of Rabbie Burns but with more in depth insight into the character, the beliefs, and values of the man o independent mind.


To keep informed about other upcoming BBC brodcasts and other cultural projects I recommend signing up to my mailing list on my website

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