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We're All At The Crossroads.

Not that long ago the crossroads would be where rural folk would congregate in the evenings - before Smart phones - to watch the world go by. It was a place to meet and socialize and learn what's was going on in the wee world around them.

It was a slow world where anyone going past in a motorised vehicle was an event worthy of comment. The folk at the crossroads knew what was going on around them, they knew the seasons, they knew if there was going to be a storm or not - without access to a weatherman on TV. They knew where all the roads at the crossroads went to.

Nowadays in the age of Smart phones and Smart everything we don't have the same ability to understand the fast moving world out there. Everyone thinks they know where all the roads lead to because their Smart phones tell them. People don't stand at the crossroads any more.

Nowadays at the Crossroads it matters not if you turn Left or Right. Both those roads turn back on themselves and you end up back where you were. Only now it's a world of subservience to surveillance, where everything is done for you - provided you obey and do what you you're told to do.

They are the roads that lead to a world controlled by centralised authority who own money, information, education and health care. They are the roads that lead to the One World Regime where the WEF, UN, NATO, WHO, EU and all of our governments are part and parcel of that regime. The regime that has killed off democracy and sovereignty as we have traditionally known it.

Some will forward the main roads going backwards because they have been recipients of virtual brown envelopes full of virtual global gold. Our political leaders: our leaders of churches - our leaders of seemingly everything have been recipients.

Other will follow in their footsteps in hopes of getting a wee bit of that virtual global gold.

Many others will follow one of the main roads because they are oblivious to what is going on around them. And they want to remain oblivious as it all seems nice and secure as long as they obey global leaders and obey their experts and their media - who all tell them they will be looked after.

They have never had the experience of standing at a real crossroads and pondering what was going on around them, and off in the different directions. They've never had to figure it out for themselves. They don't want to know either. They want to remain oblivious in the apparent comfortable, but fake, world around them.

There still is an alternative. It is the path straight ahead. It's a different road that doesn't look like a road at all. It's not a main road authorised by the authorities. It is clearly not an easy path to take. There are bushes, briers and brambles – thorn hedges, sheughs, glar holes, rocks, trees, pitfalls and booby traps galore.

It is the Different road. It is the Road to Freedom. It is a dangerous road but the only road that offers hope. It is the road I will always take.

There are crossroads all over the world. Folk all over the world are facing the same choices, at the same time - perhaps for the first time ever for the people of the world. If we take the right path at our local crossroads - if we take the Different Road - we will surely find the Road to Freedom. We will surely meet others form across the globe who have taken the same path.

Below are lyrics from songs I've written which might better expalin what I'm trying to communicate.

Different Road

The alternative barely trodden pathway does require urgent exploration: the pathway of Robert Frost and Henry David Thoreau. An exciting new adventure may await beyond the fog of bushes, briers and brambles should we decide to take our very own different road.

Down Different Road you should always go

It goes to and fro and you never know

No, you never know where it might end

It goes up and down and round the bend.

Down Different Road they beat a big drum

They play loud guitar till the Kingdom Come

They do the Lambeg Boogie to Rock n' Roll Blues

So bring along your dancing shoes.

Never take the road they tell you take

Never take their road for Heaven's sake

They say their road is straight and it is clean

It's safe and sure like it's always been

Down their road, they say, there are no fears

But it just might drive you to your tears

It's safe they say if you do what your told

It's not for the brave, not for the bold.

Never heed what they tell you on TV

Never heed what you see on BBC

If they tell you it's right it's probably wrong

So just you sing your different song.

Sing out loud like the rooster crowed

As you dance along your Different Road

When you turn down right on Different Street

All the Different people you will meet.

The Road To Freedom

We’re on the road to freedom now

On the road to freedom now

So shed your heavy load and join us on the road

On the road to freedom now.

To find the road to freedom you take the trail

Where some folks weep and some folks wail

Then take the long winding lane

To feel the wrath and feel the pain.

All roads to freedom are not the same

You might cross Sorrow you might catch Blame

But once you make it round the final bend

It’s all the same freedom in the end.

Just like the fox who roams at night

Across the fields in pale moonlight

She loves to follow freedom’s way

Down her own freedom road

She love’s to stray.

And she knows that road with danger is fraught

She knows by dawn she might get shot

And if she never makes it round the final bend

It’s still the same freedom in the end.

That road goes up the highest hill

To view the world and feel the thrill

Then out across the seven seas

To feel the world in the breeze.

But first it’s down the darkest glen

When you’re out of there you don’t know when

But once you make it round the final bend

You will feel freedom in the end.

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