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Planet Ulster CD - Ulster-Scots Folk Orchestra, UK Buyers

Planet Ulster CD - Ulster-Scots Folk Orchestra, UK Buyers



1Open The Door1:23
2Ballycarry Fair2:24
3Hi Uncle Sam/Hillbilly Reel3:38
4Bonnie Kellswater4:59
5Dancin Tae Tha Fiddle/Curse O Macha3:05
6Parcel O Rogues2:55
7Jig Medley2:02
8Jolly Lambeggar1:23
9Lea Rig2:02
10Bonnie Doon5:05
11Billy,Geordie,Sam,Hughie And Wee Tam2:16
12Retreat Marches2:05
13Londonderry Air3:01
14Skreigh O Day2:21
15Ulsterman's Fareweel Tae Whuskey2:57
16Reel Medley2:21



A performance of music, song and recitation and storytelling



Rabbie Burns (1759 – 1796) may be recognised as the Scottish National Bard but during his lifetime his works were very popular in Ulster. Generations ever since have passed on his poetry and song.


This performance will provide insight into why the Scottish bard is still revered this side of the Irish Sea. There will be reference to Burns the man of wit and insight; the farmer, the patriot, the revolutionary, the Free-Mason, the exciseman, the soldier, the lover of women, the challenger of church and state, and the imbiber of whisky for medicinal purposes.


Willie grew up in rural County Antrim where the popular songs of Burns were often songs and his poems often recited and since his teenage years has been an enthusiast of the works of the Scottish bard. Willie first created a stage show on the works of Burns in Nova Scotia in 1996. Entitled ‘Burns: A Man For A’ That’. This show toured Eastern Canada to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the death of Burns and was also recorded for a CBC radio show and broadcast across Canada.


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