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A Musical Exploration of World War


A stage performance by Willie Drennan based on The Ulster Scot’s Folk Orchestra’s CD of 2006 entitled  Somme.

This much acclaimed album of songs, poems and marching tunes explored  World War One from many aspects: the glory, courage, camaraderie, carnage and sheer futility. The production was crafted to weave together traditional material with recent creations to provide a depth of insight which included the roles of Irish nationalists and of course the Germans.


The recently revived and updated stage show uses tracks on the album, and more, to address these issues.


The Somme CD:


Fare ye well Enniskillen


Far off fields of Picardy

Battle of the Somme

Brian Boru’s March

Bloody Road to the Somme

Young Sons of Erin

Stille Nacht


Bonnie Woodgreen

Billy’s March

Thiepval Graveyard

Johnny I hardly knew ye.

St Patrick’s Day

Young Crozier of Battenburg Street

Willie McBride/ Flowers of the Forest


Ower the Water

Where have all the flowers gone

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