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The Moss: Mountains, Waters and Sky.

A celebration of the natural world incorporating cross art-forms: music, storytelling, book publication, theatre, dance, visual art, photography, film and audio broadcast.


Where the ancient past collides with the distant future in the circle of life.


Where folklore and established belief systems meet futuristic vision in collective attempt to understand the meaning of life.

 Colourful folk tales around raths, souterrains, and the cosmos will be examined in a different light.


The story will be related via a ficticious character who enters the moss [bog]and]  and doesn't return until many days later. The mystique of the moss is the focal point.

Music: a collaboration of traditional folk, contemporary and futuristic/electronic.


Phase One: Production of music/soundtrack to set artistic flavour and style for the overall project. Development of storyline and script.


Phase Two: Developing partnerships with various art-form practitioners, producers and publishers. Performance rehearsals. Production of written, audio and visual materials.

Phase Three: Developing multi-media partnerships and exploring delivery of the storyline in conjunction with the various artform partners, producers, publishers and event managers. February and March 2021


Phase Four. Rehearsing for live performance, production of written, audio and visual materials.

Kellswater Moss 2019.jpg

Walter Mills.

Cutting peat by hand.

Kellswater Moss 2019

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