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Quest For Liberty 2024.

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Journey of the Ulster Muse

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Journey of the Ulster Muse.


A musical journey, from ancient times to the present, exploring crossovers and influences from near and far.


The journey explains how music was inspired and shared through migration of people and the movement of soldiers, sailors, wandering minstrels and harpers.


It is where traditional Ulster-Scots meets other traditions before the Muse transcends and takes us via Rock 'n Roll to another zone.


It is where traditional flute, fiddle, bagpipes and traditional dance meets rock guitar and Lambeg drum.


Music, song, dance, storytelling and history all in the one show.


Created and performed by Willie Drennan, with fellow traditional musicians and special guest performers.


Willie Drennan Band. Wired Up Again.

A fusion of Ulster Folk and Blues/Rock.

Collaboration between Willie Drennan and David McClean.  Going down a different road.

FolkyBilly RocknRoll is on the Wired Up Again CD and on the Quest for Liberty 2024 CD

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