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Journey of the Ulster Muse

Upcoming dates for Ulster Muse Show 2023


Friday October 20th Braid Theatre, Ballymena  Tickets now on sale.


Friday October 27th Market Place, Armagh Tickets now on sale

Please Note. Our booking for Old Couthouse Antrim  on 11 November has been postponed. A new date is being discussed for 2024.

Bookings for shows in 2024 will be announced soon.



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Journey of the Ulster Muse is a new stage show by Willie Drennan.

A musical journey, from ancient times to the present and beyond, exploring origins, crossovers and influences from near and far.

The journey explains how music was inspired and shared through migration of people and the movement of soldiers, sailors, wandering minstrels and harpers.

It is where traditional Ulster-Scots meets Irish, Scottish, English, and Old-Time Appalachian - before the Muse transcends and takes us to another zone.

It is where flute, fiddle, bagpipes, accordion, harp and traditional dance meet rock guitar and Lambeg drum.

Music, song, dance, storytelling and history all in the one show.

Created and performed by Willie Drennan, with fellow traditional musicians, dancers and special guest performers.


This new stage show is set to tour theatres in Northern Ireland in 2023.


Ulster Muse Performers for inaugural show were:

Willie Drennan - storyteller, fiddle, tin whistle, mandolin, Lambeg Drum.

John Trotter – accordion, fiddle, vocals, trombone, fife.

Fiona Trotter - vocals.

Davy Angus – acoustic bass, flute, fife.

David McClean – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals.

Ian Burrows – Highland bagpipes, small pipes, whistles, vocals.

James Christie - fiddle, accordion, percussion.

Derek Montgomery - percussion, vocals.

Jim Cuthbertson – Drum kit.

Mike Gibb – guitar, vocals, percussion.

Lucinda and Susan McGuigan - Guest singers.

Larissa Fleck - Irish dancer and harpist.

Emma Miller - Ulster-Scots dancer and singer.

See below for:

Videos and Reviews

Some of the musicians preparing for the big journey.

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All Videos


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