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Quest For Liberty 2024  
A collection for the new world

Stand up and Sing

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Quest for Liberty 2024 is number two in a trilogy of journeys.


The Journey of the Ulster Muse has been presented as a stage show in theatres in Northern Ireland in 2023. It traces the origins and the journey of the Muse - from ancient times, through history to the present day and beyond.


Journey number three is an exploration in the understanding of life in the natural world – beyond the mundane of the material world - Beyond The Moss and Beyond the Mountain. This will be released during 2024.


All three journeys are interconnected and will come together in the old-fashioned hard-copy book - along with music, songs and poems on CD format. The music will not be available to download digitally, via Spotify, or any other global outfit connected to the global corporate music industry.


My personal quest for freedom began at birth, as it does for everybody. By the time I was in my mid teens it became evident to me that my main purpose for being on this planet was to follow the road to freedom, The education system failed to teach me what I wanted to learn. I have been on a voyage of discovery ever since. Everyone who has embarked on their personal road to freedom will be aware of the many difficulties, challenges and pitfalls that are inevitable along the way. The powers-that-be don't want the pesky people traversing roads they don't have control over.


In our lifetimes we may never get to experience the ultimate true freedom we seek to find. That journey though – that quest for freedom, is a marvel in itself. I am so glad to still be on that road – especially in these times when an attempt is being made to turn our planet into a prison.


There are 20 tracks on the Quest For Liberty 2024 Album - some created and recorded since the Lockdowns of March 2020, along with earlier creations and recordings that have much relevance to the current state of affairs. Some have been recorded in a professional studio with professional recording engineer, David McClean, and some have been solo efforts recorded at home. I must say a big thank you to band members and fellow musicians who have contributed to this project.


Much of the content of this album addresses the issues currently attacking our freedoms and human rights due to globalist control over governments, wars, money, information, education, food, energy, and property. Each track has a story of introduction which is included in written form along with the CD disc. For me, the story is just as important as the music.


Music however is more important now than ever as music allow us to escape their new world order of things. Music and creative expression has always allowed us to do this.- right back to ancient times' In the 21st Century it still offers hope of escape back to the free world.


At this time it is crucial that we remain hopeful - that we each consider how we can use our personal skills to adapt to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I have also been been busy developing a vegetable garden for the past three years.


With access to information so seriously restricted, mainstream media's delivery of their news so distorted, surveillance so intense and travel made increasingly difficult – it is now crucially important for like-minded people to get together to exchange ideas and discuss how skills and services can best be shared within communities. The sharing of music and all the other creative art forms can be a significant addition to such gatherings. This is one of my main objectives for this album. I have several musician friends and artistic colleagues who are with me on this and I hope this album will inspire others to get their artistic creations out there and on to the road towards freedom and liberty.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Those of us who understand have arrived via various means. The bible, dystopian novels, naturally inquisitive minds that question authority, or perhaps just events since March 2020, have encouraged us to research and ponder. I have a wee bit of all of that - so no hope for me of ever waking up some morning and discovering it was all just a bad dream.


There are those who remain totally oblivious – as well as those who do fully understand and are very happy to remain obedient and compliant as they reap benefits of wealth, security and enhanced position in the System.


There also those so busy making ends meet, who have no easy access to alternative information and news, who's gut instincts tell them something is not right. It is my hope that my wee effort in this album will encourage at least a few of these people to seek and pursue alternative information.

I also hope that this album will offer some comfort to those who are wise to what's happening - but are without empathy and support from family, friends or colleagues, and feel they are on their own.


We are at a time when dystopian novels and biblical prophecy are coming to fruition - a time when those who speak out against global authority are silenced, cancelled, ostracized and worse.


No promises of global gold or other wordly benefits will ever change my stance. No amount of silencing, cancelling, coercion, threat of imprisonment or threat of violence could cause me to capitulate and comply.



Where Have All The Rockers Gone?


In the initial version of this song I also inquired where others have gone to as well. But as the answer was always the same I decided to keep the recording brief. Included were rebels who rebelled the whole system, all things orthodox and all things inside the box – hippies who stood against corporate greed and Earth destruction - and bandits who once robbed the banks and now work for the big banks instead.

It is perhaps unfair to mention only those listed above as people in all walks of life, in all work sectors have been bought, conditioned, compromised, seduced and/or coerced into the System. When most journalists, musicians and creative writers across the planet, however, can no longer see the trees for the forest, then surely that tells us the people of this planet are in big bother? They were once-upon-a-time renowned for being initiators of social and political change.


Where have all the rockers gone

Where have they all gone?


In the free world of Rock n Roll

They swore they'd never sell their soul

Rock n Roll was revolution

Their Rockin in the free world big solution


But most got bought by government

By Big Bank Establishment

By big global corporation

The ones who own and run our nation.


Where have all the journalists gone

Where have they all gone?


They once had independent views

They might even challenge global news

They would probe and investigate

And initiate free debate.



No Whiskey In The Jar [Moonshine In The Jar]


When trying to figure out how and why our world is currently in the state it is in, it is best to first examine the root cause – the money. Everything is related to those who control the money – the fiat money, the phoney money.

This song was originally written around the time of the global economic crash of 2008. It was also relevant around the time of the EU Referendum. It is even more relevant right now.


As I was going over life's great big scary mountain

I met the fat-cat bankers, all their money they were countin'

With their friends in the media and their corporate advisors

I said stand and deliver for youse are the boul deceivers.


With me ring dum dey do dum de dah

Whack for my daddy-o,

Whack for my daddy-o

No whiskey in the jar. [There's moonshine in the jar - last Chorus]


Well with my trusty laptop I just took their money

And stuck in in my pocket for it looked a pretty penny

But I knew it was all wrong as soon as I got to thinkin'

For their money it was boggin' their money it was stinkin'.


I went home to my chamber for to take my slumber

I dreamt a crazy dream for sure it was no wonder.

But my friends they did betray me, they rung their politician

And toul them that my dream could start some revolution.


It was early in the mornin' before I riz to journey

Up comes the Establishment with their own wee private army

They looks in my computer and sez I was not clever

They'd evidence enough to lock me up for ever.


If anyone can save me, it's my sisters and my brothers

If we'd all get together we could stand by one an other

We could tell them where to stuff it, where they would not think it funny

We could tell them where to go with all their phoney money.


There's moonshine in the jar and moonshine in the car.


On the Road to Freedom.


This original version of this song song was written sometime ago, in 2017 I think, and was on The Willie Drennan Wired Up Again Album. This was a collaboration with blues rock guitarist, David McClean. This slight variation of the original was recorded at the time of the Lockdown protests at Belfast City Hall, 2021/22.. In 2024 we're still on the Road To Freedom and we've been joined by many others. But for now we seem to be in the darkest glen part.


We’re on the road, we're on the road

We're on the road to freedom now

So shed your heavy load and join us on the road

On the road to freedom now.


To find the road to freedom you take the trail

Where some folks weep and some folks wail

Then take the long winding lane

To feel the wrath and feel the pain.

All roads to freedom are not the same

You might cross Sorrow you might catch Blame

But once you make it round the final bend

It’s all the same freedom in the end.


Just like the fox who roams at night

Across the fields in pale moonlight

She loves to follow freedom’s way

Down her own freedom road

She love’s to stray.

And she knows that road with danger is fraught

She knows by dawn she might get shot

And if she never makes it round the final bend

It’s still the same freedom in the end.


That road goes up the highest hill

To view the world and feel the thrill

Then out across the seven seas

To feel the world in the breeze.

But first it’s down the darkest glen

When you’re out of there you don’t know when

But once you make it round the final bend

You will feel freedom in the end.


Open the Gate


Written during Lockdown in 2020. For most of us the gates have been opened – for now.


Open the gate and let me out

Get me to the world all round about

Open the gate and set me free

So I can play some rhapsody

Open the gate and let me out

Get me to the world all round about

Open the gate and set me free

So I can play some rhapsody.


When is it all ever going to stop?

Seems to me it's gone over the top

I'm afraid this is my suspicion

But don't ask me I'm just a musician.


There's folk shut in and shops shut down

Masquerade balls everyday downtown

Seems dumb to me and getting dumber

But then I am just a Lambeg drummer.


As if other illness never mattered

The economy all shot and shattered

More lockdown would surely blow it?

But what do I know sure I'm just a poet.


You may think I am a ranting raver

A delinquent chronic misbehaver

But I'm just a fiddler and a fluter

A fifer and whistle tooter.



The Whole Wide World's Gone Mad


Written during Lockdown in 2020. The world's not any saner in 2024.


The whole wide world's gone mad

The whole wide world's gone mad

It's birlin roon upside doon

The whole wide world's gone mad.


Got lost in a dream the other day

Out o'er the fields and far away

Down through the glen and o'er the mountain

Drinking Adam's ale straight from the fountain

Heard the waves lap upon the shore

Just sea and sky who could ask for more

But lost in the dream I lost my thought

Lost in the dream I clean forgot

The whole wide world's gone mad.


As the universitee and the TV

Rewrite their own historee

It's no longer all just black and white

When right was not wrong and wrong was not right

Now as anti-Fascist means the same

As Fascist – who do we blame?

It will never be the same as it used to be

Till you blow up your TV to be free

For the whole wide world's gone mad.


They have me and you trained what to do

When China sends a brand new flu

They try control what we see and hear

To fill our heads all full of fear

It's all upside down and inside out

Makes you want to yell and scream and shout

It's all just like some very bad dream

Makes you want to yell and shout and scream

The whole wide world's gone mad.


Got lost in a dream the other day

Out o'er the fields and far away

Down through the glen and o'er the mountain

Drinking Adam's ale straight from the fountain

Heard the waves lap upon the shore

Just sea and sky who could ask for more

But lost in the dream I lost my thought

Lost in the dream I clean forgot

The whole wide world's gone mad.



Over the Hills And Far Away


It is me singing on this but written and composed by David McClean. It's not just me who has had notions of escaping to some place far, far away beyond the madness. That place is just in our dream state at the moment - but it's a start. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the famous Russian writer who was sent to the Gulag for daring to share bad thoughts, in a personal letter to a friend, about the tyrannical Joseph Stalin - was able to survive imprisonment from 1945 to 1953 by escaping to sunshine and open green countryside - in his creative imagination. We should all endeavour to master that art.


Hey ho away we go over the hills and far away

Hey ho away we go over the hills and far away


Heard about a land that's far away

Take you more than a year and a day

Heard about a place where the wild wind blows

What will we do there nobody knows


Heard about a place where spirits run free

Sounds like a land for you and me

Up to the mountains down to the glen

When will we get there we don't know when


Sing us a song that's old and clear

Sung by a man for a thousand year

Heard by the rocks and the wind and the rain

Far far away and back again


Come to the land of the brave and the true

Loved by the many but seen by the few

Come to the place that's pure and free

Sounds like the land for you and me.



Fishing – Ever Since The World Begun


One of the travesties of globalisation is the centralised control and destruction of our food industry by the globalist corporations - in other words the control and destruction of our food supply. They have gradually been taking control of all prime farmland land and the seas. This song was inspired by a video clip I watched where a fisherman, from a long line of English traditional fishermen, lamented that his young son would probably not be allowed to carry on the family tradition.


My daddy was a fisherman, my grandad was a fisherman and he was a fisherman's son

A family of fishermen and they say we've been fishing ever since the world begun.

Ever since the world begun, ever since the world begun

A family of fishermen and they say we've been fishing ever since the world begun.


Plaice and pollock and coley and cod, mackeral, bass and skate,

Herrings and haddock and hake and sole, in abundance for your plate.


Down by the dock we'd smoke and cure all the extra fish we caught,

They come from the town and all around and all our fish they bought.


Then big boats came from far away to plunder off our shore,

They wrecked the seabed and left fish for dead and come back to plunder more.


My daddy was a fisherman, my granda was a fisherman and he was a fisherman's son

A family of fishermen and they say we've been fishing ever since the world begun.


All the bureaucracy and all the greed made my daddy weep and wail,

He says I fear for you my only son, no fishing boat you'll sail.


My daddy was a fisherman, my grandad was a fisherman and he was a fisherman's son

A family of fishermen and they say we've been fishing ever since the world begun.

Ever since the world begun, ever since the world begun

A family of fishermen and they say we've been fishing ever since the world begun.



Farewell to the Far-off Land


During the Lockdowns many folk wondered when they would ever see loved ones again – who lived in far-off lands. In previous times it was common for folk to emigrate to far-off lands and pine for their loved ones and for the sights, sounds and smells of their homeland. Most of them never got the opportunity to travel back to their homeland during their lifetime. The Lockdowns gave us a taste for what that was like and what it can be like again if and when more permanent globalist travel bans are inflicted upon us common folk.


Took off to roam out o'er the foam

Far away from my native home

Took off to roam out o'er the sea

To the land they call Land of the Free

I left behind my sweetheart true

To sail out o'er the ocean blue

And left my parents to wail and weep

To sail out o'er the ocean deep.


Don't tell me now I'll never return

To hear the water run in the burn

Nor hear sweet music in the breeze

By the oak and ash and willow trees.

Don't tell me now I'll never again

Sail back o'er the raging main

To never no more smell the earth

In the far-off land of my birth.


Folkybilly Rock n Roll


This song written in 2017, addresses the fact that the globalised Music Industry has called the shots for many years now. They determine what gets played on the airwaves and who gets to be part of their system. Only the complicit need apply.

Folkybilly, not to be confused with folkabilly, is an attempt at creating a variant of other genres that would never get acknowledged by the Music Industry authorities. To date it has worked.


You can dance all night when the moon is shining bright

Folkybilly Rock n Roll

You can dance all night when the moon is shining bright

So good for your soul


Folkybilly RocknRoll, so good for your soul

Folkybilly RocknRoll, so good for your soul.


They say this song is just a curse and the tune is ten times worse

They say the beat would drive you mad, that makes us all oh so glad.


Folkybilly RocknRoll, so good for your soul

Folkybilly RocknRoll, so good for your soul.


Their music they would make you hear. They blast it in your ear

They would tell you how to dance. You like different? - here's your chance.


Different Road


Written in 2018


Down Different Road you should always go

It goes to and fro and you never know

No, you never know where it might end

It goes up and down and round the bend.


Down Different Road they beat a big drum

They play loud guitar till the Kingdom Come

They do the Lambeg Boogie to Rock n' Roll Blues

So bring along your dancing shoes.


Never take the road they tell you take

Never take their road for Heaven's sake

They say their road is straight and it is clean

It's safe and sure like it's always been


Down their road, they say, there are no fears

But it just might drive you to your tears

It's save they say if you do what your told

It's not for the brave, not for the bold.


Never heed what they tell you on TV

Never heed what you see on BBC

If they tell you it's right it's probably wrong

So just you sing your different song.


Sing out loud like the rooster crowed

As you dance along your Different Road

When you turn down right on Different Street

All the Different people you will meet.



Belfast Smart City


Belfast, like the City of London and Leeds, is a World Economic Forum Smart City. This means Belfast will be ahead of the game when it comes to all things designated Smart by the WEF - including artificial intelligence, mass-surveillance, high velocity 5G/6G and Digital ID linked to personal bank accounts.

I get the impression that most folk who live in Belfast don't know they are in a Smart City - and among those who do know, some think that's a good thing.



Belfast all Smart Smart

Could lose its soul and heart and all

All Smart Smart Smart Smart

Is not very smart at all.


Smart Belfast could lose its soul

As Klaus Schwab takes control

Of Belfast heart an all

Not very smart at all at all

Never heed new Smart Alecs

All talkin new Smart Bollicks

In wee world of their own on new Smart phone.

In 15 minute new Smart Zone.


New Smart subservience

Smart watch surveillance

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Independence

5G high frequency

CBDC, Digital ID

Smart reality on your settee

As they watch you watch Smart TV.


Belfast all Smart Smart

Could lose its soul and heart and all

All Smart Smart Smart Smart

Is not very smart at all.


The People of Belfast – spoken word.


The story of Belfast is not drastically different from the story of port cities across the British Isles. A significant difference however is the extent of internal divisions that have been inflicted upon the people of this city. The spirit of humanity always finds a way to see beyond the manipulations of the powers-that-be. That spirit is being tested once again.


Beneath the hills, by the sandy ford where the river met the Lough, a settlement was formed as people arrived from across the sea.


That small settlement was a hamlet, then a village, then a town thriving on the fruits of sea and land.


The 2nd Industrial Revolution saw folk flock from Belfast's hinterland to join the mechanical revolution - a city was born.


The people of the city of Belfast formed a tight-knit independent community – yet co-reliant upon each other for survival, mutual support and bonding.


The people had their differences, divisions and struggles, but the strength and warmth within the Belfast heart and soul saw them through.


WW1 tested like never before as few homes in the terraced-row escaped the knock on the door from the telegram man dressed in black - the moment parents learned their son would never return from the war on some far-off shore.


In WW2 the foreign foe blitzed the city - killing one thousand people, temporarily displacing a hundred thousand more as the city was flattened by Nazi bombs.


And later in that century the troubles divided the people. Peace Walls were built – which weren't really walls of peace at all, but walls that demarcated zones of division.


But still the sprit of the people won the day as the walls of division, like walls of Jericho, like walls of Berlin, came tumbling down.


And in today's new world new challenges of the New-Age will see new attempts to disrupt harmony and create brand new virtual walls of division.

As the new foe, from beyond and within, invades under cover of darkness, to try divide and conquer the people once more.


Virtual brown envelopes, stuffed with virtual global gold get passed around to secure support for their 4th Industrial Revolution - while others remain oblivious to what's going on.


But the warmth and strength within the hearts of the people of Belfast will always be there, as in days of yore,


The ancient passion for freedom is inherited – the call of freedom still heard loud and clear,

still held secure within the spirit of the People of Belfast.



People of Belfast - the music.


A wee tune to celebrate the warmth and strength within the hearts of the people of Belfast.


Boyne Water /Battle Cry of Munster

For people who live on the island of Ireland, or indeed anywhere in the British Isles, a good place to start trying to understand historic and present-day wars, is to examine the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. The battlefield at the Boyne was right beside Newgrange and other ancient megalithic sites. There is much more to this battle than the history books tell us. But that's another story for another day. The Boyne Water is a well known tune in the Orange tradition. I'm not too sure of the origins of the Battle Cry of Munster but I do know that the two tunes are very similar. I also know, from experience, that when I play the Boyne Water along with traditional Irish musicians from Munster playing the Battle Cry of Munster, something other than battle cries can be experienced. When the tune/tunes are shared and played without lyrics, other than lilting in the traditional mouthh music style, the result is primal passion that's a far cry from being in battle mode. The sharing of music in this way offers hope of seeing beyond historic division and conflict so that we can understand the present.


Christmas Eve in No Man's Land


From my Christmastime Album of 2021


Young British soldiers in their trenches faced young German soldiers, in their trenches, across No Man's Land .

World War One had already ravaged and savaged. Many lay wounded, many lay dead on both sides


Young sons, sons of mothers and fathers, grandsons of grandfathers and grandmothers, brothers of sisters - and lovers with sweethearts and young wives -some were even young fathers of newborns , all off to an early grave in far-off fields.

In a world gone mad. In a Hell upon the Earth,.

But Christmastime is Christmastime.

Yes Christmastime is Christmastime.


Young German lads sang:

Stille nacht, heilige nacht
Alles schläft; einsam wacht


While young English lads sang:

Silent night. Holy night

All is calm all is bright.


Different language, same tune

Different language, same song

Different language, same Christmas message.


Young soldiers from both trenches left their weapons behind as they rise up out of their trenches - out to meet and greet the enemy in the middle of the barren, No Mans Land of mutual anguish and death. Out to meet other young men who were determined to kill each other before the other killed them. In a momentary response to an ancient call of liberty from within ,in a spontaneous blip of instinctual courage.

Gifts were exchanged, photographs were taken, a football was playfully kicked back and forth in the spirit of all that is good about humanity.

And both sides took time to bury their dead.


By Boxing Day both sets of young soldiers were back under the control of their masters. Back to the reality of what war was meant to be about. It was back to the sheer insanity and sheer savagery of war. Back to bombs and bullets. Back to inhumanity.


Young dissenters in their moment of sanity and light, who had defiantly challenged the whole point of what war and social division was all about, were put back in their place.

There were no more Christmas truces for the duration of WW1. And not too many, if any, anywhere ever since.


At Christmastime 2021 the Earth - the Earth divided within nations, divided within communities, once again needs young dissenters to arise from out of the New-Age global trenches of division, in defiance

of their globalist masters.


Parcel Of Rogues.


Rabbie Burns, the Immortal Bard, wrote his political song about an earlier time in Scottish history. He was taking a swipe at the Scottish ruling classes who he reckoned were bought and sold for English gold. That was the situation as he saw it at the time – at that time the City of London already owned the gold, owned the money, owned the establishment and owned the conflicts, divisions and wars.

I have taken a wee bit of poetic license and altered a word or two to connect it to the present. I have been studying the life and works of Burns from the age of fifteen and I am totally certain he would approve. The sentiments of the song are just as important now as they were back then. Perhaps even more important in this day and age as folk today are being bought and sold for tyrant's gold on a global scale.


What force or guille could not subdue

Through many warlike ages

Is wrought now by a coward few

For hireling traitor's wages.

The tyrant's steel we could disdain

Secure in valour's station

The tyrant's gold has been our bane

Such a parcel of rogues in a nation.


Oh wud that I had seen the day

That treason thus could sell us

In my heid I hear the auld yins say

I hear what it is they tell us

By pith and power til my last hour

I'll mak this declaration

We're bought and sold for tyrant's gold

Such a parcel o rogues in a nation.



Tam Madole


This wee Ulster Scotch ditty goes back to the days of the Ulster Scotch Folk Orchestra 2000 – 2008. When I first recorded this song folk often said to me that not everybody wanted to be like Tam Madole. This included members of my own band. I am thinking now though that surely everybody – at least everybody who is listening to this album – does want to be like the free independent man who can has no bank account, who doesn't believe everything the establishment tells him, who can feed his family from his own produce and can drink clear water from out of his own well?



Tam Madole, Tam Madole, Tam Madole

Everybody want tae be like Tam Madole

Like Tam Madole, just like Tam Madole

Everybody wants tae be - Just like Tam Madole.


Tam Madole he whussles an he sings

He aye taaks aboot the finer things

He taaks aboot life an love an joy

The folk aa sez he's some boy

Tam Madole lives just ower the hill -

Rins a wee farm and rins a wee still

Tam Madole he disnae care

He's free like the birds up in the air


Tam Madole never heeds aa he's toul

For he is cannae, thran an bowl

A man o independent mine

He aye reads atween lines.

Tam Madole he has nae bank account

A wheen o pun unner his bed nae big amount

Tam Madole he disnae care

Never gien a penny tae Tony Blair


Tam Madole has aye prootas for his plate

A cock at cras an a pigeon on the gate

He's aye fit tae feed hissel

Drinks clear water fae oot his ain well.

Tam Madole whiussels an he sings

He aye taaks aboot the finer things

He goes didley diddely dee didley diddely dum

As he blaaters awa on a great big drum.


Tam Madole they sez he kens the Lord

A wee bird, que he, gien him the word

His maker he'll meet nae fear ava

He's gan tae heaven when he gets the caa.

Tan Madole danners the fiels an burns

Follies the water as it wimples an turns

Doon the glen richt tae sea

Where he sails aff tae be aye free.



Stand Up and Sing


The original version of this song was written many years ago. It's still as relevant as ever. The message is simple.


Stand up and sing. stand up and sing. Stand up and sing, stand up and sing. [ Chorus]


Like the lark on the wing Get up and do your thing Let's hear the rafters ring.

Stand and sing.

As you saunter along Let them hear your song Tell them you belong.

Where you stand and sing.


As they gather round you And try to confound you And try to surround you.

Stand and sing.

They'll tell you black is white They'll tell you day is night They' ll tell you wrong is right.

Stand and sing.


They've been out to get you. They'll wish they never met you They'll wish they'd never let you

Stand and sing.

When they shove you around Just stand your ground Tell them we're glory bound

Stand and sing.


Like the breeze in the bushes Like the river that rushes The gentle tide that hushes.

Stand up and sing.

Like the morning choir. That cheers the dawning hour. Sing your songs afar

Stand and sing.


Back To The Free World


Written in 2023. They might get to our body but not our soul.


Back to the free world you and me

Back to the real world to be free

Back to the free world, you and I

We hear the call, we hear the cry.


The road to freedom we know it well

It's the road that goes beyond their Hell

It's the road that sees beyond it all

We hear the cry, we hear the call.

It's back now to the call of wonder

Beyond the lightning and the thunder

Back to the call of the wild

Back to the cry of the child.


Beyond all the fear and all the battle

All the uproar and all the rattle

Beyond the sea back to the stream

Beyond the mountain, back to the dream.

Our dream's for real, like reality

It is for real like eternity

It sees beyond indoctrination

Beyond their manipulation.


They can't stop us now with chains of fear

The call of freedom is loud and clear

They can't stop us now with their control

Might get to our body but not our soul.

The road to freedom we know it well

It's the road that goes beyond their hell

It's the road that sees beyond it all

We hear the cry, we hear the call.




Liberty 2024


Once again I've taken advantage of the mighty work of Rabbie Burns to highlight how the patterns of history repeat - from ancient times to the present day. I have obviously taken Burns' Scots Wha Hae Wi Wallace Bled - which references struggles for liberty in 1314 and connected it to current quests for liberty in 2024. - for people all over Planet Earth.

Wars and conflicts have forever been created by those who seek to divide and conquer for purpose of expanding their personal wealth and power. The two world wars of the 20th Century and the current wars in Ukraine/Russia and Israel/Palestine are classic examples of contrived wars. As in historic battles they seem totally futile and yet the unfortunate people in the battle zones feel they have no choice but to fight to defend their liberty.

The only way to avoid such futile wars is for the majority of all people to understand they are been conned, coerced and manipulated – to understand that their real enemy is not other people but the evil cabal who want to control all people. We all need to know and understand the enemy.

Liberty 2024 is not a call to arms but a call to understand that we are currently being used in the same way as our forebears have been used. This time round it is different in that it is on a global scale. Nation states,communities and families have been systematically divided, used and abused all across the planet. In our quest for liberty in 2024 we must respect and find the courage of our forebears who fought and died for our rights and freedoms. We must demand a return to the true democracy that they stood for. We can achieve this by understanding the enemy – by never complying or capitulating to their outrageous mandates and manipulations - by educating others who have yet to realise the reality of our times. This is the way to avoid slavery to the System and World War 3. If we fail to do this then, regrettably, the only choice left could be to find the courage and conviction to do what our forebears felt compelled to do.


Remember them wha never fled

Remember them oor freedom led

Remember them wha hae bled

For oor liberty.

Noo's the day an noo's the hour

See the front o battle lour

See encroach the tyrant power

Chains an slavery.


Wha wull be a traitor knave

Wha can fill a coward's grave

Wha sae base as be a slave

Let them turn an flee.

Wha for oor common law

Freedom's sword wull proudly draw?

For freedom stand noo yin an aa

For democracy.


By oppression's woes an pains

By oor young in serville chains

We shall drain oor dearest veins

But we shall be free.

See the warld ower the people's licht

Flames o freedom shinin bricht

The battle noo is for the richt

Tae hae democracy.


Ye sons o them wha never fled

Daughters o them oor freedom led

Remember them wha hae bled

For democracy.

Ye people o this yince free land

Lissen tae yer sowl's command

Remember them wha tuk their stand

For oor liberty.






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