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Ulster Muse

Quest for Liberty 2024 is number two in a trilogy of journeys.


The Journey of the Ulster Muse has been presented as a stage show in theatres in Northern Ireland in 2023. It traces the origins and the journey of the Muse - from ancient times, through history to the present day and beyond.


Journey number three is an exploration in the understanding of life in the natural world – beyond the mundane of the material world - Beyond The Moss and Beyond the Mountain. This will be released during 2024.


All three journeys are interconnected and will come together in the old-fashioned hard-copy book - along with music, songs and poems on CD format. The music will not be available to download digitally, via Spotify, or any other global outfit connected to the global corporate music industry.


My personal quest for freedom began at birth, as it does for everybody. By the time I was in my mid teens it became evident to me that my main purpose for being on this planet was to follow the road to freedom, The education system failed to teach me what I wanted to learn. I have been on a voyage of discovery ever since. Everyone who has embarked on their personal road to freedom will be aware of the many difficulties, challenges and pitfalls that are inevitable along the way. The powers-that-be don't want the pesky people traversing roads they don't have control over.


In our lifetimes we may never get to experience the ultimate true freedom we seek to find. That journey though – that quest for freedom, is a marvel in itself. I am so glad to still be on that road – especially in these times when an attempt is being made to turn our planet into a prison.


There are 20 tracks on the Quest For Liberty 2024 Album - some created and recorded since the Lockdowns of March 2020, along with earlier creations and recordings that have much relevance to the current state of affairs. Some have been recorded in a professional studio with professional recording engineer, David McClean, and some have been solo efforts recorded at home. I must say a big thank you to band members and fellow musicians who have contributed to this project.


Much of the content of this album addresses the issues currently attacking our freedoms and human rights due to globalist control over governments, wars, money, information, education, food, energy, and property. Each track has a story of introduction which is included in written form along with the CD disc. For me, the story is just as important as the music.


Music however is more important now than ever as music allow us to escape their new world order of things. Music and creative expression has always allowed us to do this.- right back to ancient times' In the 21st Century it still offers hope of escape back to the free world.


At this time it is crucial that we remain hopeful - that we each consider how we can use our personal skills to adapt to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I have also been been busy developing a vegetable garden for the past three years.


With access to information so seriously restricted, mainstream media's delivery of their news so distorted, surveillance so intense and travel made increasingly difficult – it is now crucially important for like-minded people to get together to exchange ideas and discuss how skills and services can best be shared within communities. The sharing of music and all the other creative art forms can be a significant addition to such gatherings. This is one of my main objectives for this album. I have several musician friends and artistic colleagues who are with me on this and I hope this album will inspire others to get their artistic creations out there and on to the road towards freedom and liberty.

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