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Big Strike in Wee Northern Ireland

Road in Northern Ireland on strike day

It's the big strike day in wee Northern Ireland as public sector workers campaign for better pay. It will cause havoc and distress for the rest of the population – especially as roads will not be gritted and cleared of ice and snow - the global warming thing has not reached here yet.

 The only winners will be the powers-that-be - the global cabal who have orchestrated the conditions to create this strike - the same cabal who are currently gathering together in Davos. It is their wars, lockdowns, protocols and mandates: it is their global agendas that are causing the situation in Northern Ireland where some people here believe there is some point in striking.

I have always been in favour of workers' right to strike but it seems that the powers-that-be now actually want people to strike. It seems that the same people who now control western governments also control trade unions. This seems to me to be all part and parcel of the globalist agenda of destroying global economies in order to facilitate their Great Reset - so that they can Build Back Better with their 4th Industrial Revolution of the New World Order and their One World Government.

It does make sense that getting workers to relentlessly go out on strike aids the globalist agenda. They need as much disruption as possible to help collapse economies to justify Central Bank Digital Currencies and Digital ID's etc.

Social disruption is also key for their agenda. They need to divide and conquer the people, and places like the Middle East, Ukraine/Russia and Northern Ireland, with their historic divisions, are sitting ducks.

One of the extra cards they have to play in Northern Ireland is the Northern Ireland Protocol – a consequence of the Brexit that was not allowed to happen – a consequence that separates NI , legally and politically, from the rest of the United Kingdom. It makes the Belfast/ Good Friday Agreement redundant without the people having a say.

This has all been carried out so deviously that even those political leaders who vehemently oppose the NI Protocol seldom connect the EU's NI Protocol with the wider globalist agenda – for some strange reason. It does baffle me.

The EU is joined at the hip with the World Economic Forum. Davos and Switzerland might not be in the EU, but the EU is certainly in Davos. Meanwhile as they gather together for their annual binge in Davos, the WEF will no doubt be smugly and gleefully confident with the fact that they have secured Belfast as one of their Smart Cities and that many people in Northern Ireland can be relied upon to support their globalist cause at the press of a button or two.

He who pays the piper calls the tune and too many are dancing to their tune.

Willie Drennan

January 18th 2024

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